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Our main business focuses on original and unique collage sheets that can't be found anywhere else. No other company has as many, both in quantity and themes, as we do. We have over 100 of them in lots of different themes including Asian, animals (dragonfly, butterfly, reptile, birds, African, and more), women (some nudes), plants/mushrooms, pin/jewelry size images, hand-tinted landscapes and women/children photos and old trading cards. All collage sheets will still be available and never go out of stock.

We only have a few of our rubber stamps still available. Please e-mail to inquire about stock, the website is not currently updated. However, anything listed as unavailable is still not in stock. Due to manufacturing difficulties we have retired them for now. Get them while you can, as this may be permanent. If we ever have them back in stock, we will update the site with that info. We also no longer offer wholesale prices on any of our items.

We still stock the paper, but do not keep large qualities of stock. Our most popular paper include large size chiyogami (not origami squares package together, sometimes also called Yuzen) paper, silk paper, and wild things animal print paper. All orders that include paper must be $25 or over. While we try to keep the Chiyogami Kimono Print Paper in stock, it can sometimes be a challenge due to high minimum quantities. However, we can sometimes place prepaid custom orders in the amount of $100 for chiyogami, lace, tamarind, & mango papers. Glass beads, coins/foreign moneys, and sealing sticks are all still available.

We have MANY examples with complete instructions/supply lists on our site linked to our rubber stamp, collage sheet and papers for sale. Simply click the underlined link near the product or go to the side menu Samples & Ideas (yes you can click here too!!!) to find ideas.

Last Update August 2009
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